Course Benefits

What You Will Learn

  • The neuroscience behind how complex trauma impacts the brain and body
  • How to look at student behaviours from a developmental lens
  • How to create trauma-focused Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s)
  • How to create a plan for self-care to prevent burnout

What You Will Get

  • Cutting-edge application of trauma theory to classrooms
  • A systematic framework for organizing your response to students' stress and trauma
  • Strategies to support ALL students

Course Curriculum

    1. What is Complex Trauma Resources?

    2. Welcome to the "Trauma-Focused Schools" Online Course

    3. Message from the Instructor

    4. Join Our Private FB Group!

    5. Meet Dr. Chuck Geddes!

    1. "Purpose Rides Shotgun to Passion"

    2. Forget about the Fruit, Start with the Roots

    3. Module 1 Conversation Starters

    1. ACEs: Everyone Needs to Know About Them

    2. More on ACEs

    3. Quiz: ACEs

    4. Module 2 Conversation Starters

    1. Introduction

    2. How Trauma Impacts the Brain and Body

    3. Quiz: How Trauma Impacts the Brain and Body

    4. Module 3 Conversation Starters

    1. Introduction

    2. Viewing Behaviors Through CTR's 7 Developmental Domains

    3. Putting Your New Skills to Practice

    4. Sophie Elementary Case

    5. Stephen Highschool Case

    6. Quiz: CTR's 7 Developmental Domains

    7. Module 4 Conversation Starters

    1. Introduction

    2. PEACEful Schools Strategies

    3. Quiz: PEACEful Schools

    4. Bonus: PEACEful Homes Strategies

    5. PEACEful Homes

    6. Module 5 Conversation Starters

About this course

  • $120.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Introducing: Complex Trauma Resources

Dr. Chuck Geddes

Christian Family Care has teamed up with Dr. Chuck Geddes with Complex Trauma Resources to offer special CEU courses designed for teachers and educators who need to learn more about how to help children who have experienced early childhood trauma. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Meet Your Instructor

Angela Murphy, MEd, BEd

Author / Educator / School Psychologist

Angela is an Educator turned School Psychologist turned Complex Trauma Clinician and Children's Author. She has a big heart for student's with challenging behaviours. It is her life's work to help grownups understand that no student wants to be "bad". Angela is reframing the language so that teams of educators can understand that all students do well when they can, especially in the context of a safe and caring relationship.

What People Are Saying

“The Trauma-Focused Schools Course has left me inspired and enlightened. I feel like I have a new reservoir of strategies and approaches to draw from, along with a better understanding of what is happening internally for these kids. Thank-you for your passion and guidance.”

“This has been the most influential training I have taken in my 32 years in the education system. It changed my thinking about students who have had trauma in their lives. My heart and mind are forever changed. Thank you!”

“As an educator, one of the biggest challenges we face is students with intense behaviors. Educators feel at a loss with how to deal with these behaviors and it can be increasingly difficult not to take it personally. I have been able to watch two of my students build their self-esteem, develop a sense of safety, and therefore make huge strides in their educational journey. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take this course?

    If you work in a school and provide care and education for children then you most likely have run into kids with early childhood trauma. This course will help you in all areas of this topic.

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion for the course?

    Yes! Every course comes with a certificate of completion that has been approved by the Arizona Department of Child Safety when the last lesson is reached. This certificate will have the learner's name, the title of the course, the credit hours, and the date of completion.

  • Can I watch the courses together with my spouse or do we each have to have our own log in?

    Just like our in-person courses, the pricing is based per participant. Each purchase should be logged under an individual’s name, and only that name will be tied to the proof of participation.

  • What is the format of the course content?

    Each of the courses are made up of a variety of modules with lessons within each. These lessons are made up of short videos to watch. Learners must complete the video before they can advance to the next lesson. There is also a variety of “process questions” throughout each lesson to help learners apply lessons from the videos. Each learner must also complete a final assessment quiz to receive a certificate.

  • Can I interact with other people/instructors in the course?

    Yes! Each lesson has a forum where learners can either post or answer a question for discussion to keep the learning going.